Unified Inbox and Virtual Call Centre

Our smart unified inbox brings together all the messages you receive from guests across the channels, email and SMS and allows you to control all of your communication in one place. Pre-approve guests and send special offers, all inside the inbox. No longer do you need to login and out of each account to answer your messages.

Main features:

  1. Pre-approve and send special offers to Airbnb enquiries
  2. Filter your inbox by reservation status, city or even guest language to stay on top of the most important messages
  3. Create saved replies to avoid having to write the same messages over and over
  4. See booking information and property information whilst replying to messages to increase efficiency
  5. Send your guests messages via email or SMS
  6. Snooze conversations to follow up cold leads and follow up guests


Virtual Calling Centre

Receive and make calls to your guests directly from the mailbox with our virtual call centre. Our software will recognise which guest is calling and direct it to the best person in your team. Our international calling and SMS rates are some of the most competitive on the market. Never miss a call again!

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